James Frederick Bland photography, Commercial Photography, Austin TX. Portraiture, Product, Still Life, Coneptual photography. Tenacious, knock down the walls kind of spirit. Specializing in product photography with complex lighting and meticulous arrangements.

Words and phrases clients have used to describe me:Meticulous, Can-Do, Personable, Positively Obsessed with the Craft, Intellectual, Intelligent, Creative, Embraces a Project, Asks clarifying questions … delivers, Passionate, Attentive

I have a history of professional accomplishment in public and private service. I plan ahead, conceive alternatives and make contingencies. I'm on time. I manage money, budgets and investments well. I have advanced technical degrees and practical experience running complex systems and multi-million dollar projects in design and marketing capacities. Market-share, EBITA, and contribution margin are terms I'm intimately familiar with. I understand the pressures brand managers in corporate America are facing in the 21st century global economy.People who succeed creatively are those who have the humility to learn their craft, enough ego to withstand criticism, and the ambition to persist against all odds.

Austin, TX

Tel: T: 512-206-0009 C: 865-406-9572